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Incident management for end users

Incident management for end users

Incident management enables you to log incidents, classify them according to urgency, assign to appropriate groups, escalate, and follow-up through to resolution and closure.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, ESS user

About this task

These incidents can include anything that causes a disruption to normal service operations within your organization.

To log an incident:


  1. You can navigate to the Create Incident form in the following ways.
    Self-Service Navigate to the Self-Service > Service Catalog > Can We Help You? Click Create Incident.
    Self-Service Navigate to Self-Service > Incidents. Click New.
  2. Select the urgency level of the issue in the Urgency list box with 1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest.
  3. Describe the nature of the issue in the Please describe your issue below text box.
  4. Click Submit to submit the details and log the issue as an incident.
    The Incident form with the incident details appears.
  5. You can perform the following actions on the incident.
    Track the progress of the incident You can track the progress of your incident based on the incident number assigned to your incident and also from your system homepage. You can also choose to receive notifications each time an update is made to the incident.
    Update the incident You can update an incident with additional details in the Additional Comments field.
    Reopen a closed or canceled incident You cannot reopen a closed or canceled incident. If you are not satisfied with the incident resolution provided, you can request to reopen the issue. You can request to reopen from the incident resolution notification email or from the incident itself. The state of the incident is then changed from Resolved to In Progress.
    Note: If the incident is already closed, you can reopen it by replying to any email related to that incident. The subject line should contain Please reopen. This opens a new incident and the original incident is specified as the source.