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Create a record producer with a template

Create a record producer with a template

If a pre-defined template for an incident exists, it can be used with the record producer to fill in standard information for the incident.

Before you begin

Role required: catalog_admin or admin

About this task

The following example uses the template used in Create an incident template.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Record Producers.
  2. Click New.
  3. Populate the form as follows:
    Table 1. Record producer form
    Field Entry
    Name Bond Trade Access Request
    Table name Incident [incident]
    Generated Record Data
    Template Bond Trading Access Denied
    Catalogs Service Catalog
    Category Can We Help You?
  4. Open the form context menu and click Save.
    Several related lists appear.
  5. In the Variables related list, click New.
  6. Enter or select the following values.
    Field Entry
    Type Multi-Line Text
    Question Comments
    Name Comments
  7. Click Submit.
    The Record Producer form reopens with the variable added to the list.
  8. (Optional) To view the new record producer as a user sees it, click Try It in the form header.
    Bond trade access request form

    Submitting this record producer creates the incident with the information from the template and with any comments entered on the record producer form.