Incident ticketing integration implementations

In a uni-directional integration, a third party system creates an incident ticket, passes data to ServiceNow, and receives a ticket ID back as confirmation. In a bi-directional integration, incident data is exchanged, synchronized, and updated while data is sent between the systems.

For both integration types, ServiceNow recommends implementing a record-based log of the individual transactions for a given time period. In the event of an outage, a record-based log can tell you what data was exchanged, how it was transformed, when processing occurred, and if there were any errors. Record-based logs also allow you to run all the validation and transformation logic away from the main form, helping performance.

Before implementing your project, develop an Integration Plan in which all of the implementation aspects and requirements are defined. Developing the Integration Plan will help you review the current data, plan for future requirements, and identify and sequence project tasks.