Create a default override

Default overrides specify the user value for each contact the definition adds to an incident alert.

About this task

The Default overrides related list is available if the Source for the contact definition is set to Default override.

For example, you could define two default overrides for a contact definition:
  • If Source CI's location is EMEA then user is Beth Anglin, with an evaluation order of 100.
  • If Source CI's location is APAC then user is Abel Tuter, with an evaluation order of 200.

If an incident alert is created that matches the conditions of the contact definition, ServiceNow then compares the alert's source CI to these override conditions and assigns the appropriate user as the contact.

To create a new default override:


  1. Click New in the Default overrides related list.
  2. Fill in the fields.
    Table 1. New default override
    Field Description
    Order The order in which the condition is to be evaluated.
    User value The user to assign as that contact if the condition matches.

    If the definition type is set to Group, this field is labelled Group value and defines the group to assign as that contact.

    Condition The conditions defining whether the default override is to be applied. If multiple conditions are defined, each condition is evaluated in the order listed. If no conditions match, this default override is not applied.
  3. Click Submit.
    Figure 1. New default override
    New default override