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CMDB Health

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CMDB Health

Monitoring and maintaining the health of the CMDB is essential to an effective and continuous use of the product. Health indicators such as duplicate CIs, required CI fields, and audits contribute to the calculation of health scorecards at the CI, class, and CMDB level. CMDB Health does not support domain separation.

The video at the following link shows how to access the CMDB Health dashboard and how to set it up:

The health of the CMDB data is monitored and reported in four major metrics, each further consisting of sub-metrics:
  • Completeness: CIs are tested for required and recommended fields that are not populated.
  • Correctness: CIs are tested against pre-defined data integrity rules such as identification rules, orphan CI rules, and stale CI rules.
  • Compliance: The CMDB data is audited for adherence to pre-defined certificates.
  • Relationships: The health of CI relationships is tested for indicators such as orphan and duplicate relationships.

After CIs are tested for various health indicators, the results are aggregated at the class level, and eventually at the overall CMDB level. You can configure how health is calculated and the weight of each metric at every level of the aggregation. For most health tests, you can configure the health tests themselves.

The following dashboards display CMDB health reports and let you configure the CMDB health metrics that CIs are evaluated for.

Dashboard Use
CMDB Dashboard

Configuration > CMDB Dashboard

Main CMDB health dashboard:
  • Overall CMDB and class level aggregated CI health. Aggregation is displayed from the sub-metric level up to the overall CMDB level.
  • Aggregated health for CI relationships, and sub-metrics.
  • Displays the tasks that were generated for CIs that failed a health test.
  • Drill down for each major metric to a detailed report of associated sub-metrics, broken by class.
  • Manage the CMDB Health Dashboard jobs.
CI Dashboard

<CI form> > Dashboard

Health reports at the CI level:
  • Pass/fail results for each sub-metric, per CI.
  • Displays incidents, changes, and other tasks affecting the CI, and business services affected by the CI.
CI Class Manager

Configuration > CI Class Manager

Central location to manage a CI and to configure CMDB health settings:
  • Configure scorecard thresholds of all metrics and sub-metrics.
  • Configure weight of metrics and sub-metrics in health aggregation.
  • Manage rules and definitions that are used for health tests, such as orphan rules, audit certificates, and recommended fields rule.
  • Configure CMDB health properties.
  • Explore the class hierarchy.
  • Update and extend a CI class.
  • Delete all records for a class.
CMDB Health Properties

Configuration > Health Properties

Central location for configuring CMDB Health settings:
  • Configure CMDB Health properties.
  • Manage the CMDB Health Dashboard jobs.
  • Activate a metric and configure weighted averages for its sub-metrics.

CMDB remediation

CMDB Health provides a framework for configuring CI remediation. This allows you to proactively apply corrective actions to unhealthy CIs in a managed and standardized fashion.