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Perform bulk changes to CIs on a change request

Perform bulk changes to CIs on a change request

You can perform bulk changes to CIs from the change request form.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

The Best Practice - Bulk CI Changes plugin is activated and the change request form is configured to perform bulk changes to CIs.


  1. On the change request form, select a CI class.
    The form will save and submit if all required fields are completed.
  2. Click Edit on the Affected CIs related list.
    The selection is filtered to display only CIs from the selected CI class.
  3. Add the CIs that are involved in the change.
    Affected CIs
  4. Enter the proposed changes in the Proposed change field.
    Whenever the Proposed change field is modified or affected CIs are added, the saved changes are linked to all affected CIs.
  5. Click Update to save and update the record.
    The resulting changes are listed at the top of the form. The following messages display on the form only if there are CIs listed in the Affected CIs list.
    Change Request Form