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Define risk and impact conditions

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Define risk and impact conditions

You can define risk and impact conditions for your change records.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

The Best practice- change risk calculator plugin is activated.

About this task

You can define the rules based on which the risk and impact of a change will be calculated.

If more than one rule matches the criteria specified on a change request, the Order field determines the order in which rules are evaluated. Rules with lower numbers are evaluated first. If there are two or more rules with differing orders, the rule with the lowest order is evaluated and the others are ignored.

To define a new risk or impact condition:


  1. Navigate to Change > Risk Conditions.
  2. Use one of the following options to define the new rule:
    • Condition filter: use the builder to construct the logic.
    • Advanced condition: use the Condition field to script an advanced condition.
    • Script values option: use to script conditions.
    Note: The Active field must be checked for a rule to be evaluated.

What to do next

Users can now enter criteria based on which the risk and impact of a change request will be calculated.