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Detect change conflicts

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Detect change conflicts

To identify any other changes that are scheduled at the same time or impact the same configuration items (CIs) and related CIs as a change request, you can run conflict detection automatically or manually.

You can review conflict information in the change request, such as when conflict detection was last run, affected CIs, type of conflict, schedule, and conflicting changes.

Conflict detection also highlights when a change will occur outside of the maintenance schedule or during a blackout schedule. You can then reschedule the change as necessary.

Conflict detection enables you to perform the following:

Identify the recency of the conflict information

On Conflict status and Conflict last run fields on the change request record enable you to identify if conflict detection was run and the date and time it was last run.

Run manual and automated conflict detection

You can run conflict detection manually or automate it based on your requirements. You must save the change request record prior to running conflict detection.

View conflict information

You can view the conflict information in the Conflicts section of the Change Request form after you have saved the change request and run conflict detection. The Conflicts section provides information such as affected CIs, type of conflict, schedule, conflicting changes, and time and date details regarding when the conflict detection was last run, at a glance.