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Use counters for software license reconciliation

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Use counters for software license reconciliation

Software counters reconcile software rights with software installations to verify compliance.

For asset managers, software counters answer the question: Is my number of installations equal to or lower than the number of rights purchased? Counters are useful for software that must be tracked; some software may not need to be tracked closely. Grouping—such as location, company, department, cost center, entitlement workstation and entitlement user—or no grouping can be used with software counters.

In addition to software counters, software asset management offers usage counters that track a license based on use by a workstation or user.

The software counter cache is used to increase the speed of counting software licenses. If there is a large number of software license records, the first time software is counted takes several minutes. After the first count, only changes are processed so the procedure is faster.