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Transfer orders

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Transfer orders

Transfer orders move assets between company stockrooms.

The Asset Management application enables asset managers to create transfer orders for moving assets between company stockrooms.

Transfer order lines allow the transfer of multiple assets on one transfer order. Actions such as shipment preparation can take place at the order level or the line level. Pre-allocated assets can be included in a transfer order line, but can only be transferred in their full quantity. A business rule prevents asset managers from transferring the same asset at the same time.

Consumable assets and non-consumable assets can be transferred as follows:

  • If an asset is consumable, it can be transferred and the quantity can be greater than one. Consumable parts are tracked by the system qualitatively.
  • If an asset is non-consumable, it must be transferred as a single entity with a quantity of one. Non-consumable parts correspond to assets defined in the system.