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Expense Line

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Expense Line

Expense lines enable you to track costs and represent when a point-in-time expense incurred. Expense lines can be created manually or generated by the scheduled processing of recurring costs.

The Expense Line plugin is active for all instances. To use the Expense Allocations and Expense Allocation Rules modules, activate the Cost Management plugin.

The ServiceNow platform generates expense lines automatically when you create an asset, and updates expense lines automatically when you revise the Cost or Quantity field on an asset record.

Users with the financial_mgmt_admin and financial_mgmt_user roles can work with expense lines.

Expense lines integrate closely with asset management, CMDB, cost management, and contract management, but can be used with any application. The Source ID field on an expense line record can be linked to any record in any table. This allows expenses to be associated with a wide variety of items, such as a contract, an individual asset, a single configuration item, a software installation, a lease, a service contract, a user, or a group.

Figure 1. Example expense line for an asset monthly lease
Expense line for a monthly lease