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Notify workflow for on-call scheduling

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Notify workflow for on-call scheduling

The On-Call: Assign by Acknowledgement workflow is provided with Notify. The workflow uses data from the escalation settings of rotas and rosters. Depending on these settings, the workflow iterates through the defined escalation chain and sends notifications by SMS or email to users asking them for incident assignment.

If Force communication channel is specified in the Escalation settings for rosters, the preferred user device is used, either SMS or email. The setting Force communication channel is only available if Notify is installed.

If the preferred device is SMS, and the on-call member does not have an SMS device defined, the user is not contacted even if the user has an email address. When forcing a communication channel on an escalation level does not succeed, no further communication attempts are made. The fact that the user could not be reached is logged in the log files.

The workflow respects time-off as specified in the rosters. People who have time-off are not included in the escalation chain and no notifications are sent to them.

Before you can send notifications, you must define trigger rules. Trigger rules determine the conditions that must be met before a notification is sent and what action must be taken. Keep in mind that trigger rules supersede some of the on-call business rules in previous versions.

Note: If you have customized on-call business rules in previous versions, you need to deactivate these business rules before you can work with trigger rules.