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Client scripts installed with on-call scheduling

Client scripts installed with on-call scheduling

On-call scheduling adds the following client scripts.

Script Table Description
Handle Group Visibility Schedule Entry


Handles group visibility when creating schedule entries for on-call.
Question Choice Related List Question


Handles the choice related list when sending on-call notifications.
Rota Notification Rule - Allowable types [cmn_rota_notif] Remove the On-call only notification type for automatically populated rotas.
  • Only a manually populated rota (one where based_on is null), where coverage is manually added, can use the On-call only type (type=='single') in a notification rule.
Remove the Rotate through members notification type for manually populated rotas.
  • Only an automatically populated rota can use the Rotate through members option; manually populated rotas don't have rosters.
Handle Group Visibility [cmn_schedule_span] Show or hide Group field.
Validate [cmn_rota_roster] Client side validation for Roster fields
Escalation info message [cmn_rota_notif] Clarifies Time before escalation field