Business rules installed with on-call scheduling

On-call scheduling adds the following business rules.

Business rule Table Description
OnCallEscalation [sys_script] Default escalation handler for on-call rotation escalations.
Remove rotation records [sys_user_grmember] Rotation records removed for a user group member.
Change active [cmn_rota_roster] Activate or deactivate the roster.
Update Rotation Schedules (Member) [cmn_rota_member] Recompute the rotation schedules if a member order value was changed.
Initial Roster Members [cmn_rota_roster] Creates a new group member when a roster is created.
Show records for user [v_on_call] Show schedules for a specific user.
Rota Updated [cmn_rota] Recompute the rotation schedules for the roster members after the rota has been updated.
Update Rotation Schedules (Roster) [cmn_rota_roster] Recompute the rotation schedules when the m2m or the roster definition change.
Delete roster member schedule [cmn_rota_member] Recalculate the rotation when a member is removed.
Delete group member on-call schedule [sys_user_grmember] Delete all spans associated to the group member being deleted.
Delete Rota Schedule [cmn_rota] Delete the schedule when the rota is deleted.
Validate Rota [cmn_rota] Verify the schedule entry being updated is valid.
Edit Schedule [v_rotation] Redirects to the schedule page passing the group as parameter.
Show records for user [v_rotation] Display notification.
Rota Schedule Item validate [cmn_schedule_span] Validate that the schedule entry is valid
Roster Properties [v_rotation] Redirects to a list of rosters filtered by groups.
Refresh Report [v_rotation] Refreshes the UI when UI action is executed.