Configure a VMware Resource Optimization rule

The Cloud Management system tracks and reports on usage metrics to help you to identify discovered resources that are underutilized. Configure values for the metrics in a resource optimization rule (for example, CPU or memory usage) that can flag a resource as underutilized.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin

About this task

Underutilized resources appear in the Resource Optimization report. The VM is considered underutilized when either the CPU or memory is low. Data is collected using the following two metrics defined for VMware VMs:


  1. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Administration > Resource Optimization Rules.
  2. Click an existing rule or click New and then specify the conditions that a resource meets to appear in the report as underutilized:
    Field Description
    Name Meaningful name for the rule.
    [CPU usage (%) <] [OR Memory used (%) <] The two settings form a logical OR grouping: When the usage for a resource falls below either of the specified values during the time period specified, then the resource appears in the report as underutilized.
    [For number of days] [AND Over a period of days] The two settings form a logical AND grouping: When the CPU or memory usage falls below either of the specified values within the time period specified AND for the specified number of days, then the resource appears in the report as underutilized.
    Workflow Workflow that runs the rule.
  3. Click Submit or Update.
    Note: If the VM is turned off the usage metrics are not returned for that VM.
    The job definition is complete. Jobs will run on the specified schedule. You have the option to update the scheduler that controls the interval that the download repeats at.


The default rule is:

CPU Usage (%) < 10 OR Memory Usage(%) < 10 for 4 days over a period of 14 days.

If the average daily CPU usage of a VMware VM is < 10% for 4 or more days within a 14-day window, that VM will be considered as an underutilized resource and will show up in the Self-Service > Cloud Admin Portal Resource Optimization section.

If that VM is assigned to a user, it will also show up on the Resource Utilization report in the Self-Service > MY Virtual Assets Resource Optimization section for that user.