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Create a catalog item for VMware

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Create a catalog item for VMware

Provision VMware virtual machines using vCenter from the ServiceNow instance.

  1. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Maintain Catalog Items > Available Images (Templates).
  2. Select the template to use as a catalog item.
  3. Click the Create Catalog Item related link to create a new item from this template.

    The VM Catalog Item form opens with the following fields pre-populated based on the default size.

    Table 1. VM catalog item form
    Field Description
    Name VMware Instance - <size> - template name
    Catalog Offering The operating system for this catalog item.
    Short description A brief description of the item. By default, this value is the same as the name.
    Description The description of the VM size.
    Price The price of the VM size. Sizes and prices of demonstration data are arbitrary and not the result of any calculation.
    VM template The template from which this catalog item was created.
    VM size The smallest available size for the VM template.
  4. Complete the form as described in Defining Catalog Items.
  5. Select the virtual server size in the VM size field.

    By default, the price is determined by the selection in the VM size field. If the size changes, or the price of the size changes, the system recalculates the item price automatically.

  6. To override the price calculation manually, clear the Calculate check box and enter a new price for this item.
  7. Select Skip approval to allow requests for this item to bypass an approval from the VMware Approvers group.

    Other approvals that apply to requests through the service catalog are still required.

  8. Select the appropriate Task automation mode:
    Table 2. Task automation modes
    Mode Description
    Fully automatic [Default] Provisioning happens automatically based on selections made by the provisioning rules. No catalog task is assigned to the VMware Operators group unless the rules could not determine all the necessary provisioning inputs automatically.
    Semi automatic The system assigns a catalog task for specifying provisioning information to the VMware Operators group with selections determined by the provisioning rules. The VMware Operators group can verify the selections before closing the task that provisions the instance.
    Manual A catalog task for specifying provisioning information is assigned to the VMware Operators group with no automatic selections. The VMware operator must supply all the necessary information for provisioning to proceed.
  9. Select Guest customization if any operating system-specific customizations will be applied to the newly provisioned virtual machine. This option is only allowed for Linux and Windows virtual resources and not for custom templates with other offerings.
  10. Select a Customization specification that contains all the settings to be applied to the newly provisioned virtual resource. This option is only available if Guest customization is selected.
    Figure 1. VM catalog item from template
    VM catalog item from template
  11. Click Update.

    By default the new catalog item is placed into the VMware Virtual Machines category. Catalog items created from VMware templates are listed in VMware Cloud > Maintain Catalog Items > Virtual Machine Items.

    Values in these pre-populated fields are based on the size of the image you selected.
    • Name
    • Short description
    • Price
    • Description

    If you change the image size, but no other values, the pre-populated data adjusts according to the parameters of the new size. However, if you change a value in a pre-populated field before selecting the new size, the field value you changed is not updated when the size changes. This behavior allows you to change the price, name, or description of specific sized images.


    The default name of a service catalog item is VMware Instance - Small - Red Hat 6 Server. You change the size to Medium without modifying the Name field. The system changes the name to VMware Instance - Medium - Red Hat 6 Server. If you change the Name field to Dev Red Hat 6 Server - Small before changing the size, the name of the item is not changed.

    Each of the four pre-populated fields behaves the same and is independent of the others. For example, if you change the name of the item but not the short description before selecting a new size, the name value is unaffected, but the short description adjusts to match the requirements of the new size.