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Example error condition - Duplicate clone name

Example error condition - Duplicate clone name

A name has been given that is already in use to a VMware clone.

  1. vCenter detects the error and sends the contents of the error message to the ServiceNow instance.
  2. The system stops the workflow and creates a catalog task in the Cloud Operations Portal.

    This task shows that a requested instance named global-by-1 has generated an error.

  3. Open the task and identify the error. The description shows that global-by-1 is a duplicate name.
  4. Click the link in the Request item field to open the original request.
  5. Enter a unique name for the virtual machine and click Update. The catalog task appears.
  6. Click Close Task. The Cloud Operations Portal appears and the task shows a state of Closed.
  7. The workflow resumes and checks the new clone name with vCenter.
  8. vCenter approves the name, and provisioning continues.