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Merge CI errors

Merge CI errors

You can merge configuration items (CIs) with errors caused by the same source to declutter a business service map.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or sm_admin

About this task

A discovery or operational error in a CI is often propagated to all its connections down the hierarchy crowding your view. You can remove identical errors caused by the same CI by consolidating them in one object on the map. For example, if one CI causes an error in six CIs connected to it, you can show only one CI with this error on the map. The connector line shows the number of actual connections.

Merge error nodes to unify CIs with identical error messages caused by the same CI.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Business Services > Discovered Services.
  2. Click View map next to the relevant business service.
  3. Click the More options menu.

    Click the More Options menu on the Map page.
  4. Click the Merge Error Nodes toggle.