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Set map indicators to display related records

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Set map indicators to display related records

Business service maps can display records from tables that extend the main Task table and that are related to the CIs on the map, in a list view format. You can control the types of related records that display, by setting map indicators.

About this task

The base system provides map indicators for the following record types:
  • Affected CIs
  • Open alerts
  • Current, planned, or recent change requests
  • Open incidents
  • Current, planned, or recent outages
  • Open problems

In addition to the default map indicators, you can create your own map indicators that display records from tables that extend the main Task table.

For more information see Event Management Map Indicators (Video).


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Dashboard and then on the dashboard, double-click on a service.
  2. Or, from Service Mapping:
    1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Services > Business Maps.
    2. In the Business Services list view, click the View map link for a business service.
    3. Click View.
  3. Click the More options icon, and in the options list scroll to the Map Indicators section.
  4. Set the display option to green for any record type that you want to display, and then click outside the options window to save and close it.


For each record type that is set to display, a corresponding tab appears underneath the map. For example, if alerts are set to display, then an Alerts tab appears. Click any tab to display the respective records.