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Reuse a step sequence

Reuse a step sequence

You can reuse a sequence of discovery steps you created for one pattern in other patterns.

About this task

Reusing ready step sequences allows you to avoid recreating the same steps manually.

You first save the steps you want to reuse into a repository (library), and then you can insert them wherever relevant and as many times as needed.


  1. Create a reusable step sequence:
    1. Navigate to the pattern containing steps you want to reuse.
    2. Navigate to the steps you want to combine and select the check box for each step.
    3. Right-click a selected step and choose Create Library From Marked Steps.

      Create a reusable step sequence.
    4. Fill in the fields, as appropriate, and click OK.
      Field Description
      Library Name Specify a unique name for the library.
      Library Description Specify a meaningful description for the library.
      The combined steps are saved in the library of reusable sequences.
  2. Reuse the step sequence you created:
    1. Navigate to the pattern in which you want to insert your step sequence.
    2. Select Library reference from the Operation list in one of the following locations:
      • the Identification Sections or Connectivity Sections for Service Mapping
      • the Step window for Discovery
    3. Select the required reusable sequence from the Library list.
      The sequence is inserted as substeps inside an untitled step.
    4. Rename _Untitled_Step_ to reflect the purpose of the step.

      Renaming the untitled step after inserting reusable step sequence.