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Define the identification section

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Define the identification section

Define a set of identification steps for every incoming connection of a configuration item (CI).

Before you begin

Create a pattern or select a pattern that you want to modify.

Role required: admin or sm_admin

About this task

Every CI has incoming connections that are referred to in Pattern Designer as entry points. You base your CI identification process on the CI entry points creating steps and defining step operations and variables for every entry point separately.


  1. In the Pattern Designer Pattern window, click the plus icon in the Identification Sections pane.

    Identification Sections pane
  2. Define the identification section as follows:
    Field Value
    Name Unique name for the identification section.
    Entry Point Types Select all relevant entry point types.
    Find Process Strategy Select the appropriate strategy for finding the process that populates the Process variable in the Temporary Variables table.
    • LISTENING_PORT: The entry point is the listening port.
    • TARGET_PORT_AND_IP: The entry point port communicates with another server.
    • NONE: The process variable is not populated.

    Typically, the port type of the entry point determines the strategy.

  3. Click Create New.
    The new identification section appears in the Identification Sections pane.
  4. Define pattern variables for this section. For more information, see Pattern variables.
  5. Define discovery steps as described in Define discovery steps.
  6. Click the Back to pattern link.

    The Back to pattern link
  7. If necessary, create more identification sections.
  8. If necessary, change the order of your identification sections by using arrow buttons:

    Changing order of the identification sections.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Activate.

What to do next

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