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Search text in files and registries

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Search text in files and registries

To write most step operations in patterns, you must know where the data you need to extract is stored. If you are not sure where the data is, you can locate it using the Search Assistant feature, and then use the search result for writing a pattern step.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or sm_admin

Perform the procedure described in Activate pattern debug mode.

About this task

You can use the Search Assistant feature to look for any kind of text string on a device or application.


  1. In the Pattern Designer, select an entry either under Identification Sections or Connectivity Sections.
  2. Click Search assistant

    The Search Assistant window is displayed.

  3. To search in files:
    1. Select the Files option.
    2. In the Search directories field, enter variables for the path files and file names in which you want to search. For example, enter $process.environmentVariables.ProgramFiles.value for the ProgramFiles.value file.
    3. In the File names field, enter file extensions for file types you want to search. Files with extensions other than you define here are excluded from the search. Use the following syntax: *.<file extension>. For example, enter *.xml to search in xml files.
  4. To search in registries:
    1. Click the Registry option.
    2. Enter the path in the Registry key path field or click Browse and select the path.
  5. Enter the search parameters as follows:
    Field Description
    Connection strings Select the check box to enable the targeted search for one these types of data.
    Common host and port references
    IP address
    Free text Select the check box and enter a text string to search for.
  6. Click Search.