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Service Mapping pattern customization

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Service Mapping pattern customization

Customize your Service Mapping patterns to reflect changes in business services or fine-tune the discovery process.

A pattern is a sequence of algorithms whose purpose is to establish parameters of a CI and its outbound connections. Service Mapping comes with a set of preconfigured patterns that cover most of the commonly used devices and applications. You customize the pattern set in the following cases:
  • If your organization uses proprietary devices and applications, create patterns for these items to enable Service Mapping to discover them.
  • If you modify devices and applications that had corresponding Service Mapping patterns, modify the relevant discovery patterns to reflect the change.

Each Service Mapping pattern serves to discover and map only one CI type. At the same time, Service Mapping usually uses more than one pattern to discover the same CI type, since a CI type can use different protocols, operating systems, entry points, and so on. Typically, every time you modify or add new CI types, you must do so for the patterns responsible for their discovery.

Every time you modify and save a discovery pattern, you create a version of this pattern. By default, Service Mapping uses the latest version for discovery, but you can also choose which version to use.