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Patterns for instances using domain separation

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Patterns for instances using domain separation

In instances using domain separation, patterns may be domain-specific, covering only domains you created them for, or global, applying to all domains.

This information is relevant only for instances that use domain separation.

Patterns belong to domains. By default, all out-of-box patterns are assigned to the global domain and apply to all domains of all levels.

You can create patterns for specific domains. In that case, the new pattern is used only for this domain and does not exist in any other domains. If you customize an existing pattern in the global domain and assign it to a specific domain, you create a copy of the global pattern, which is still used for all other domains except the domain that has the customized version of this pattern. Likewise, if you customize the pattern belonging to the global domain, the change effects all domains except the one that uses a customized copy of this pattern.

Patterns may be domain-specific or global.