Remove alert from a correlated alert group

You might conclude from your own analysis that an alert should have not been added by Service Analytics to a correlated alert group. Manually remove that alert from an existing correlated alert group so the group is more accurate and useful in troubleshooting an incident.

About this task

If a correlated alert group is left with one or no alerts after all alerts are removed, the group is deleted and no longer displays in correlated alert group lists.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Dashboard, or to another dashboard that lists correlated alert groups as described in View correlated alert groups.
  2. Click Correlated Alert Groups.
  3. Double-click a group's name to list the individual alerts within the group.
  4. Select one or more alerts that you want to delete.
  5. Click Actions on this group, and then click Delete Alerts.
  6. Click Delete to confirm the action.


The alert that has been removed from a correlated alert group, is now available to be added to a different correlated alert group.