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Tables installed with Event Management

Tables installed with Event Management

Event Management adds these tables.
Table Description


Alerts that Event Management manage.
Alert Correlation Rule [em_alert_correlation_rule] Rules specifying primary and secondary correlated alerts.
Alert Aggregation Group Alerts


Relationships between secondary alerts and the correlation group they belong to.
Alert Aggregation Group


Relationships between correlation groups and primary alerts.
Alerts History


History of alerts. Used for impact calculation.
Alert Rule


Mappings of alert fields to the Incident [incident] table.
Alert Template


Alert templates. This table extends the Template [sys_template] table.
Event Management SLA


Event management SLA tasks for CIs and business services.
Connector Definition


Settings for gathering events from external event sources.
Connector Instance


Connection details for external event sources.
MID Server to Connector Instance


Mappings of MID Servers to connector instances.


Events received by Event Management.
Event Filter


Storage for defined event filters.
Event Match Rule


Updated events for alert processing. Used by event rules.
Event Match Field


Mappings of event fields to alert fields. Simple mapping. Used by Event Rules.
Event Compose Field


Mappings of event fields to alert fields. Composite mapping. Used by Event Rules.
Event Mapping Rule


Updated event fields for alert processing.
Event Processing Statistics


Statistics on Event Management performance.
Event Type


Event types.
Task Template


Templates that define how to populate new tasks. For example, how fields of an incident that is being created from an alert, must be populated. This table extends the Template [sys_template] table.
Registered Nodes


Registered nodes data.
Threshold Rule


Alert threshold rules.
Binding Device Map


Event binding to network paths and storage paths.
Process to CI Type Mappings


Event binding to specific processes.
CI Remediation


Remediation rule definitions.
Impact Graph


Impact tree of CIs containing CI hierarchy and impact rules to be used for impact calculation.
Impact Graph History


History of changes in impact tree.
Impact Rule Definitions


Definition of rules used for impact calculation.
Impact Rule instance


Rules based on impact rule definitions.
Infrastructure Relations


Child-parent pairs or CI types. CIs matching these definitions are added to impact trees.
Impact Maintenance CIs


CIs that are in maintenance and therefore are excluded from impact calculation.
Impact Status


Calculated status of CIs and services to be displayed in the dashboard and business service maps for technical services.
SLA Configuration


SLA configuration records that identify the CIs that SLAs can run on.
Manual Service


Stores records that represent Business Services that were created manually using Event Management > Manual Services capabilities, or imported from the Business Service [cmdb_ci_service] table. The added functionality of the Business Service table [cmdb_ci_service_manual] is that it supports Business Service maps and impact calculations.

Event Management adds the following tables that are shared with Service Analytics.

Table Description
Alert Aggregation Group


Stores alert aggregation query groups formed using co-relation rules and the groups generated using analytics.
Alert Aggregation Group Alerts


Stores alerts associated to alert aggregation group.