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Scheduled jobs installed with Event Management

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Scheduled jobs installed with Event Management

Event Management adds these scheduled jobs.
Scheduled job Description
Event Management - Connector execution job Compares current time with time when active connector instances were last run and sets relevant connectors to execute. Runs every 10 seconds.
Event Management - Delete Work Notes Trim content of alert work notes. When the maximum number of work notes (default is 50) is reached, further work notes are purged from the alert. Modify the default using the evt_mgmt.max_worknotes_on_alert property. Runs every hour.
Event Management - Impact Calculator Trigger Trigger the impact calculation. Runs every 19 seconds.
Event Management - Update stuck connectors

Release connector instances that are stuck. Runs every 2 minutes.

Event Management - auto close alerts Alerts that are idle longer than 7 days (default time period) are closed. Modify the default using the evt_mgmt.alert_auto_close_interval property. Runs every 10 minutes.
Event Management - close flapping alerts Close flapping alerts. Runs every 5 minutes.
Event Management - close threshold alerts Close threshold alerts. Runs every 2 minutes.
Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts Job to:
  • Create incidents for alerts according to alert action rules.
  • Update incidents according to alert state.
Runs every 11 seconds.
Event Management - Maintenance Calculator Calculate the maintenance for CIs. Runs every minute.
Event Management - Node Count Calculate license usage. Runs once every hour.
Event Management - Queue connector processor Bi-directional functionality. Processes all pending alerts in the Update Queue and sends them to the MID Server. By default, this dequeue process is performed in batches of 1,000 alerts. Runs every 30 seconds.
Update SLA Configuration Result Synchronizes the CIs that match the SLA configuration filter with the Event Management SLA [em_ci_severity_task] table.
Update Event Management SLA Updates Event Management SLA [em_ci_severity_task] table with the new severity.