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Learned Patterns Report

Learned Patterns Report

This Service Analytics report displays metrics associated with learned patterns such as the frequency of occurrence and the number of CI/MetricName pairs in learned patterns. You can sort the learned patterns by pattern score, pattern frequency, and pattern size. This report helps you identify higher-frequency occurring alert patterns.

For each alert, alert aggregation pairs the associated CI and MetricName that represent the alert. It then groups all the pairs for alerts that occur together, to create a learned pattern. The same CI/MetricName pair can exist in multiple learned patterns. Typically, a learned pattern would indicate a single problem. The report displays metrics in a tile format broken by learned patterns.

To display the report, navigate to Service Analytics > Reports > Learned Patterns.

You can use this report to:
  • Allocate resources to the higher frequency occurring alerts to reduce the time for closing a large number of alerts.
  • Allocate resources to larger learned patterns of lower frequency.


  • Select a tile to display further details about all the CI/MetricName pairs that are associated with the selected tile.
    Column Description
    Configuration Item The configuration item used for the CI/MetricName pair.
    Metric Name The metric name used for the CI/MetricName pair.
    Frequency The number of times that the CI/MetricName pair occurs in the data set.
  • Hover over the pattern number to see the pattern size, pattern frequency, and pattern score details for the pattern.
  • Sort the report by:
    • Pattern Size: The number of CI/MetricName pairs in a learned pattern.
    • Pattern Frequency: The number of times that a learned pattern occurs in the data set.
    • Pattern Score: Combined calculation of frequency and size, using the formula:

      Frequency * (Size + 1)

  • Click on a CI link in the Configuration Item column to display the CI form.