What Event Management can manage

Event Management can manage external events and configure alerts for discovered business services, manual services, technical services, and alert groups.

Discovered business services
Business service that is a definition of interrelated CIs from the CMDB. The discovered service, from Service Mapping, includes a business service map with mapping relationships. It also includes an impact tree to show outage severity, active or related alerts, and CI properties. Business service information is discovered by Service Mapping. The mapping information appears on dashboards, the Alerts list, and the Events list.
Manual services
Manual service that is a business service that you manually create by selecting CIs to include in the service. Manual service information appears on dashboards with drill-down capability to a map view.
Technical services
Technical service that is a dynamic grouping of CIs, based on some common criteria. For example, you can create a technical service based on location for all web servers or all Oracle databases in Boston.
Alert groups
Alert groups, not to be confused with correlated alert groups in Service Analytics, show sets of alerts for ease of maintenance.