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Create Discovery multisensors

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Create Discovery multisensors

Create multi sensors to process data returned from multi probes.

About this task

Figure 1. Discovery Multisensor and Script


  1. Navigate to Discovery > Discovery Definition > Sensors.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form using the following settings:
    • Sensor type: MultiSensor.
    • ECC queue topic: MultiSensor.
    • Reacts to probe: Select the probe whose payload this sensor must process.
    • Sensor type: Select one of these options.
      • Javascript: Returned data from the probe is processed in the sensor itself, outside the application, and is visible to the user. This is the most common sensor type.
      • XML: The XML data from the probe is broken into pieces. Some pieces can be used to launch other probes that the original sensor needs to complete all the necessary information about a device.
  4. Right-click the form header, and click Save.
  5. In the Responds to Probes related list, click New.
  6. Complete the form using the following settings:
    • Reacts to probe: Select the probe within the multiprobe that this sensor reacts to. The sensor must be linked to the probe by function, such as network identification or serial number.
    • Script: Enter a script to run before the script in the multisensor. This script defines how the data returned from each probe should be processed.
  7. Click Save.