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Create credentials in the Discovery quick start

Create credentials in the Discovery quick start

Create and test the credentials that the MID Server needs to access the devices in your environment.

Before you begin

Before you create credentials for your MID Server to use, make sure you have created the MID Server user, installed the MID Server on a machine with appropriate resources, and configured the MID Server to communicate with the instance.
Note: Testing the credential is optional.

Role required: admin, discovery_admin


  1. In the Credentials stage, select the credential type you want to create from the choice list in the Type field.
  2. Give the credential a unique name that allows you to identify it from other credentials of the same type.
    Figure 1. Creating Discovery credentials
    Creating Discovery credentials
  3. Enter the user name and password and click Test Credential to validate the credential.
    A dialog box appears for identifying the target device. The system provides the default port number for the credential type you selected.
  4. Enter the device IP address or the hostname in the Target field and click Test Credential to ensure that the MID Server can access the target device using the credentials provided.
    Figure 2. Selecting credential test target
    Selecting credential test target
  5. Click Add another credential to open a new credential form.
  6. Click Next when you are finished creating and testing your credentials.
    The system validates the credential entry fields and displays an error message if any fields are empty or if the password and confirmation do not match.
  7. Correct any issues and click Next again to advance to the Schedules stage.

What to do next

You can add credentials, discovery schedules, and MID servers using the modules in the navigation menu.