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Configure ESXi resource pools

Configure ESXi resource pools

The ESXi Server has a default resource pool called Resources that defines normal resources for a virtual machine..

Before you begin

Role required: Admin

About this task

These levels are dynamically generated from shares of the total resources allocated to virtual machines on the ESXi Server. For details about how these resources are calculated, see the ESXi Server Administration Guide. ServiceNow Discovery finds this default resource pool and adds a record to the ESXi Resource Pools module automatically. If Discovery is not running on the ServiceNow instance, create a record for the Resources pool. Ensure that the Owner field is correct and leave the resource fields blank. If a provisioner selects the Resources pool when provisioning a virtual server, the ESXi Server will create a virtual machine for use under a normal load.

For more information, see ESXi resource pools.


  1. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Configuration > ESXi Resource Pools.
  2. Click New in the list.
  3. Create a new record for each resource pool in the ESXi Server, ensuring that the Name and Owner fields are correct.
  4. Select the CPU expandable and Memory expandable check boxes to allow for expansion of the CPU and memory limits when needed, if those resources are available on the ESXi Server.

    When granted, these extra resources can be revoked if needed to provision other virtual machines. The additional fields on the form are for display purposes only.

  5. Click Submit.