Configure Discovery identity probes

Identity probes are multiprobes. Multiprobes contain one or more simple probes configured to extract specific information from manageable devices.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin, admin

About this task

Identity probes return such information as device serial numbers (there can be several per device), the computer name, and network identification (MAC address). For example, the Linux - Identity multiprobe provided in the system, contains two simple SSH probes configured to return hardware and network information about the device. After the probe has discovered this information, it passes the data to a multisensor configured to process identity information.

Note: A multiprobe cannot contain another multiprobe.


  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Probes.
  2. Select a probe from the list whose Class is Multiprobe.
  3. Make sure the scope is set to Global.
  4. In the Includes Probes Related List, click Edit to select simple probes to include in this multiprobe.
  5. Click New to create a new simple probe.


Figure 1. MultiProbe