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Configure an alternate port for vCenter

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Configure an alternate port for vCenter

You can specify an alternate port for the vCenter probe.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

By default, the vCenter probe runs on port 443, which is the standard port for the https protocol.

To specify an alternate port, use one of these procedures:


  1. Hard code the port information.
    1. Navigate to Configuration > VMware > vCenter.
    2. Select the specific instance from the list of instances.
    3. Edit the URL field to include the port.
      For example,
    4. Click Submit.
  2. Specify an alternate port number for vCenter in the vCenter probe.
    1. Navigate to Discovery > Probes.
    2. Use the Name search to find the probe named VMware - vCenter.
    3. In the ProbeVMware - vCenter page, in the Probe Parameters section, click New.
    4. In the Name field, enter vcenter_port.
    5. In the Value field, enter your alternate port number.
    6. Click Submit.