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Configure Discovery to use CMDB identifiers

Configure Discovery to use CMDB identifiers

A system property allows you to configure your instance to use CMDB identifier exclusively.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin, admin

About this task

All new instances use identifiers from the CMDB Identification and Reconciliation framework. Upgrades from pre-Geneva versions still preserve the legacy identifiers, but you can switch to the new identifiers using a property: glide.discovery.use_cmdb_identifiers. If you upgraded from a pre-Geneva version, you must manually add this property and set it to true to use the new identifiers. If you upgraded from Geneva, this property is available in the System Properties [sys_properties] table. To preserve functionality in custom legacy identifiers, convert them to the new CMDB identifier rules format before enabling this property. The system does not reconfigure your custom identifiers to the new framework automatically.
Note: When Service Mapping is active, the new identifiers from the CMDB Identification and Reconciliation framework are always used regardless of the property value.


  1. Type sys_properties.list in the application filter to open the System Properties table.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form using the fields from the table.
    Table 1. Field descriptions
    Field Description
    Name glide.discovery.use_cmdb_identifiers
    Description Configures Discovery to use the CMDB identifiers provided in the Geneva release.
    Type true | false
    Value true
  4. Click Submit.