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WebLogic Discovery on Linux servers

WebLogic Discovery on Linux servers

Discovery can collect data about WebLogic application servers running on Linux systems.


  • The Linux - Weblogic - Find config.xml probe requires the use of these Bourne shell commands: find, cat, and dirname. The SSH credential must also have read permissions on the config.xml file.
  • WebLogic administration server instances started via NodeManager must have the -Dweblogic.RootDirectory=<path> parameter defined and visible through the Linux ps process stat command (for each AdminServer) for the rest of the Linux WebLogic application server and web application information to be populated in the CMDB.
  • The following comfiguration must be set on the sudorers file:

    User ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /bin/sh *

    User is the user name on the SSH credential that you create for this discovery.

  • This command must be able to be run:

    /bin/sh /tmp/snc-* * *"

    Do not make any changes to

  • The Linux - Weblogic - Find config.xml probe must specify this parameter and value: must_sudo = true