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Requirements to discover an AWS Cloud

Requirements to discover an AWS Cloud

You need to configure Amazon Web Services account credentials to discover an AWS cloud.

To perform host-based discovery of the virtual hosts contained within an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):
  • A MID server must be installed and configured on a node within the VPC.
  • Each VPC that is discovered must have a separate discovery schedule for the IP addresses in that VPC.
The account used for the AWS discovery scan needs the ReadOnlyAccess permissions policy applied to it.

View the data collected

You can view the data that is collected by the AWS Discovery.

Navigate to AWS Discovery > Accounts > your AWS account.

The following tabs hold AWS information:
  • EC2 Virtual Machine Instances
  • AWS VPCs
  • AWS Subnets
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancers
  • AWS EBS Volumes
  • AWS Elastic Block Store Snapshots