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Discovery troubleshooting options

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Discovery troubleshooting options

There are several options you can use to troubleshoot Discovery.

Examine the record for the current Discovery

Navigate to Discovery > Status and examine the status record for the current Discovery. From this record, use the links to examine the following:
  • Discovery Log: this log shows Discovery issues such as:
    • Failed credentials
    • Inaccessible ports
    • Problems with Windows Firewall
    • Viruses or intrusion products running in the network
    • WMI Services not running
    • WMI drivers not installed
    • UNIX devices with ACLs running to restrict access
  • ECC Queue: examine the payloads of the individual probes and sensors to validate information returned against what was expected. These results can help explain suspicious errors, such as why no software was detected running on a network server.

Check returned data

  • Scriptomatic (WMI)
  • PuTTY (SSH)
  • iReasoning (SNMP)