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Data collected by Discovery on relationships

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Data collected by Discovery on relationships

Discovery identifies and classifies information about relationships between configuration items.


Table 1. Data Collected by Discovery on Relationships
Label Table Name Field Name Source
Parent cmdb_rel_ci parent Internal
Child cmdb_rel_ci child Internal
Type cmdb_rel_ci type Internal

Discovery for servers and network devices

Starting in Fuji, the Layer 3 BSM Discovery feature will map Layer 3 relationships between a server and other network devices. The relationship begins at the router or switch and shows relationship and IP address information for associated servers and network devices.

The system property glide.discovery.L3_mapping toggles the Layer 3 BSM discovery of these devices. When glide.discovery.L3_mapping is true, the relationship created is of type IP Connection::IP Connection. In this example, the BSM resulting from the discovery of Linux Server db14242 shows that it has an IP Connection::IP Connection relationship to switch cor-001a.
Figure 1. BSM relationship between db14242 and MySQL servers
Newly Discovered Devices report


  • The server or network device needs to have IP Address information.
  • The system property glide.discovery.L3_mapping is set to true to discover routers and switches.
  • The router or Layer 3 switch that provides the IP Address needs to have been successfully discovered with populated Exit Interface Routing Rules.

System Properties

Table 2. System Properties for logical mapping for the TCP/IP layer
glide.discovery.L3_mapping Starting in Fuji, provides a logical mapping of the TCP/IP layer for network gears. This is not Layer 2 mapping.
  • Type: string
  • Default value:true
  • Location: The System Property [sys_properties] table