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SNMP Trap Collector Extension

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SNMP Trap Collector Extension

The SNMP trap collector is a MID Server extension that listens for SNMP traps from the devices on your network.

Upon receiving a trap, the MID Server sends the trap to the ServiceNow instance for further processing by event management. If event management is not active, traps are not processed and are discarded by the instance.

For the SNMP trap collector extension to receive traps from network devices, each device must designate the MID Server that runs the SNMP trap collector extension as a recipient of the trap. See the device manual for the network device to configure your hardware to do this. Generally, the SNMP trap collector extension should run on only one MID Server per VLAN. Multiple MID Server recipients on the same VLAN causes duplicate data in the CMDB.

If network devices are separated by VLANs, multiple MID Servers may have trap collectors installed.

If you want to configure multiple SNMP trap collector extensions, you must configure each in a separate record, with a unique name and designated MID Server.