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Discovery Dashboard

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Discovery Dashboard

The Discovery Dashboard is a central place for Discovery users to monitor ongoing Discovery operations. The dashboard contains reports that query the database and display the results.

Dashboards are the home pages for products on the instance. The Discovery Dashboard provides summary information about your Discovery status, devices, applications, and timeline. It also displays Discovery errors and suggested solutions.

Note: All the data on the dashboard is domain separated, and shows only data collected from the domain specified in the MID Server user account for the Discovery schedule used.

To display the Discovery Dashboard, navigate to Discovery > Dashboard.

Features of the Discovery dashboard

The Discovery Dashboard displays:

  • The current progress of the actively running Discovery schedules.
  • Discovered devices, by category and time discovered.
  • Errors that occurred during a Discovery schedule that has run.
  • Credentials that were either not required or unused by a Discovery schedule.
  • Upcoming Discovery schedules in the timeline form.