Discovery behaviors - multiple domains

ServiceNow Behaviors enable the efficient Discovery of SSH and SNMP devices and WMI devices running on multiple Windows domains, using multiple MID Servers.

For example, an organization has two Windows domains in its network and a variety of UNIX computers and SNMP devices. The challenge is to discover all the devices efficiently, without duplicating effort. Each domain contains aWindows MID Server which is used to scan the IP addresses from the two domains specified in the Discovery Schedule, as well as the SSH and SNMP devices. We need a Behavior that divides the work appropriately to avoid scanning anything twice. In this example, we assume that both domains are in the same geographical location, and that a single schedule is sufficient.
Note: The preferred method for running Discovery over multiple Windows domains is to use PowerShell, which allows a single MID Server to authenticate on machines on different domains using credentials stored on the instance.