Credential affinity for Discovery and Orchestration

It is not necessary to associate credentials with a device within Discovery.

When Discovery or Orchestration first attempts to access a device, they try all available credentials until they find the correct ones. After identifying the credentials for a device, Discovery and Orchestration create an affinity between the credentials and the device using the Credential Affinity [dscy_credentials_affinity] table. All subsequent discoveries or Orchestration activities attempt to match the credentials in this table with a device for which an affinity exists. If credentials for a device change, Discovery and Orchestration try all available credentials again until they create a new affinity.

Figure 1. Credential Affinity diagram
Note: If Orchestration and Discovery are installed, and credenital tagging is enabled, multiple affinities can exist. In this case, the platform looks up credentials for each affinity and inserts the credential for the affinity with the lowest order into the probe.