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Create classification criteria for a Discovery definition

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Create classification criteria for a Discovery definition

To add criteria to a Classification record, navigate to Discovery Definition > Classification > <type> and click New in the Classification Criteria related list.

Type in the appropriate parameter, select an operator, and enter a value to use for this classification. This form provides the usual operators, including these that may not be familiar:
  • regex matches: Use this operator to create a regular expression to conduct a complicated search on a string.
  • in IPs: Find a single IP address in an IP address range, network or list. Possible formats are: -;; or,,

The Discovery classify probe returns values for these parameters from the devices it finds and compares them with the values configured for this classification. The classify sensor then decides if the classification criteria for a device have been met. If the criteria match, the sensor looks at the classification record to determine what probes must be launched.

The following record is for a Windows Server 2003 in the Windows classification. To add an additional classification criteria (parameter) to the list, click New and define the new parameter in the Classification Criteria form (inset). Click Submit to add the parameter to the list.
Figure 1. Discovery Classifier Criteria New 2