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Virtual server requests SLA

Virtual server requests SLA

The Virtual Server Requests SLA record for Cloud Management has a default duration of one day.

About this task

When a user requests a virtual machine, this SLA is activated. If the virtual machine's start date is in the future, the Virtual Server Request SLA is paused from the time the configuration item (CI) is created (when the requested configuration is entered into the system) until the time provisioning actually begins. Members of the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group can view a list of breached SLAs in the Cloud Admin portal.

The virtual machine CI is created by one if these actions:
  • The EC2 or VMware Operators group closes the task and provides the information necessary to fulfill the request.
  • A fully automatic process applies all the rules successfully.

To change the default duration of the SLA:


  1. Navigate to Service Level Management > SLA > SLA Definitions.
  2. Open the Virtual Server Request record.
  3. Change the value in the Duration field or select a preconfigured Duration type, and then click Update.
    Figure 1. VM SLA Record
    VM SLA Record