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Operators group response OLAs

Operators group response OLAs

The virtualization plugins create operational-level agreement (OLA) records with a default duration of one day.

About this task

  • EC2 Operators group response
  • VMware Operators group response

When a task is assigned to one of the operator groups, The system creates an OLA. If an error occurs during provisioning, the system assigns a task to one of the operator groups and triggers an OLA. Members of the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Operators group can view a list of breached OLAs in the Cloud Operations Portal.

To change the default duration of an OLA:


  1. Navigate to Service Level Management > SLA > SLA Definitions.
  2. Open the OLA record appropriate for your virtualization product.
  3. Change the value in the Duration field or select a preconfigured Duration type, and then click Update.
    Figure 1. VM OLA Record
    VM OLA Record