Update the end of the lease for an AWS stack or Azure resource group

When a resource group or stack reaches the end of its lease (or its grace period), the system terminates the resources and notifies the user. As a cloud user, you can extend or shorten a lease for any of your cloud resources.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_user or cloud_admin

About this task


  1. Open the list of stacks or resource groups and then select one:
    • Amazon AWS Cloud > Managed Resources > Stacks.
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud > Managed Resources > Resource Group Instances.
  2. Click the Update Lease End related link.
  3. Use the calendar to set a new date and time for the lease to expire. Click Update.
    The system submits your request.
  4. If approval is not required, the lease is immediately updated. If approval is required, there may be a delay while an admin approves the change. You receive email when the admin approves. After the admin approves, return to the VM Instance form and click the Proceed with Change related link.