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Update catalog item variables from template parameters

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Update catalog item variables from template parameters

After you have fully defined all parameters in an ARM template, you can use the parameter settings to generate the variables that appear in catalog items for requesters of virtual resources. If the variable already exists, you can use this procedure to refresh the variable with the updated settings.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin

About this task

The ServiceNow instance adds the following variable sets to each catalog item:
  • Terms and conditions
  • VM Provisioning variables (includes Assignment group, Business purpose, Lease start/end, and CMDB relationship tags, Application and Business service)
  • Cloud auto-tagging variables (includes Cost Center and Project by default)
An ARM template contributes the following variable sets to a catalog item:
  • Azure Template Provisioning variables (Resource Group name, Subscription, Deployment name, and Region)
  • Template Parameters set (unique for each template; variables that were generated from the template parameters)


  1. Navigate to Microsoft Azure Cloud > ARM Templates and select the template.
  2. Click the Refresh Variables from Parameters related link.


If the variables do not exist, the system generates them. If the variables already exist, the system refreshes them with the updated attribute settings.