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Create an Azure catalog item based on an ARM template

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Create an Azure catalog item based on an ARM template

After you are satisfied with the settings and the generated variable set for an ARM template, you can use the template to generate a resource group catalog item.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin

About this task


  1. Navigate to Microsoft Azure Cloud > Maintain Catalog Items > ARM Template Items.
  2. In the Azure ARM Templates list, click the template. On the form, verify the Name and content for the item and then click the Create Catalog Item related link. If needed, specify or update the following settings:
    Table 1. Azure VM Catalog Item form
    Price Price of the items in the template.
    Description Practical description of the template.
    Subscription Subscription that this catalog item should be a part of.
    Note: If you specify a value, then the requester cannot choose a value while requesting a VM.
    Skip approval Select the check box to not require approval of a request by a user in the Cloud Operators group for this item.
    Note: Other approvals that apply to requests through the service catalog are still required.
    Provisioning mode
    • Automatic: No catalog task is assigned to the Cloud Operators group. The system selects provisioning information and places the request into the provisioning workflow.
    • Manual: A catalog task for specifying provisioning information is assigned to the Cloud Operators group with no automatic selections. The cloud operator can review the settings before closing the task.
  3. When you have configured all settings and the catalog item is ready for use by Cloud users, click Publish.
    The system adds the ARM template item to the catalog.