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Define the schedule for downloading billing data

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Define the schedule for downloading billing data

To obtain the data that appears on billing reports, a job (scheduled script) downloads the billing data from the provider to the ServiceNow database.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin

About this task

Running multiple scheduled jobs at one time can cause significant performance degradation. When possible, schedule cloud discovery, billing data download, and resource optimization jobs to run a few hours apart instead of overlapping.

To view scheduled jobs, navigate to Cloud Management > Administration > VM Snapshot Scheduled Jobs.

Note: When you delete a job definition, all associated scheduled jobs are deleted.


  1. For your provider; Amazon AWS Cloud or Microsoft Azure Cloud: Navigate to Administration > Report Schedules.
  2. Select an existing job or click New and then specify the following values:
    Field Value
    Job name Name of the scheduled job that will download the billing data to the ServiceNow database.
    EA credential Select the appropriate Enterprise Agreement credential.
    Note: You can configure only one scheduled job for each EA credential.
    Scheduler [read-only] Name of the script that downloads the data.
    Note: While you are creating a new job, leave this field blank. While you are updating an existing job, you can modify the scheduler settings (for example, days of the week to run or time to run).
    Table 1. Read-only information on runs of the job
    Field Description
    Last run Completion timestamp for the most recent job run.
    Last successful run Completion timestamp for the most recent job run that has a State of success.
    Last run state State of the job that ran most recently.
    Current job status Status of the currently running job. This field appears when you click Execute Now.
  3. Click Submit.
    The job definition is complete. Jobs will run on the specified schedule. You have the option to update the scheduler that controls the interval that the download repeats at.